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Are you looking for corporate gifts?

I Love Gifts LLP is one of the leading supplier of corporate gifts in Singapore. Our company offers variety of giveaways and gift items for all types of events and/or occasions. We are dedicated in the idea of providing our clients with concepts that answers to their every requests and needs. From the usual array of giveaways to the trendiest items today, you are sure to get the best selection you could ever ask for.

Who We Are

For years now, we've been consistent on expanding our collection of unique and customisable corporate gifts in Singapore. We have been in the industry long enough to know and cater to our client's requests. In addition, we take pride on our team's commitment and effort in providing you with the best items. We are driven to work our hardest in order to guarantee customer satisfaction. This is why even after years of experience, we continue to improve the level of quality our items have.

What We Do

I Love Gifts LLP is your one-stop solution when it comes to personalised promotional items and business corporate gifts. Our company carries great selection of products such as office supplies, gadgets and electronics, stationeries, bags, caps, mugs, water bottles, and many others. We try our hardest in order to satisfy our customers' demand.

To ensure that our customers get the item they've exactly requested for, all products undergo to strict quality control screening. Aside from production, our company has the ability to handle every step of the process. From the development, design creation, procurement down to distribution and logistics, our team here at I Love Gifts LLP is committed in covering all these things.

Whether you want to start from scratch or have a ready made design, we can always have it done for you. Our team is more than willing to listen and discuss everything with you, just so you could get the gift items or giveaways you want.

Our range of corporate gifts includes our Lifestyle gifts, Office supplies, Best Seller & Stationeries and IT gadgets & electronics. Besides products, our range of services include: Customizable corporate gifts, special requests for unique corporate gifts and sourcing for any item without restriction.

Unlike other corporate gifts company in Singapore, I Love Gifts LLP unique selling points lie in offering a four-pronged approach through playing four roles:

• As a corporate gifts wholesaler in Singapore, we offer diverse, trendy and unique corporate gifts combining both form and function.

• As a corporate gifts provider in Singapore, we offer corporate gifts at competitive prices. We can meet your budget without compromising our quality or service.

• As a corporate gifts service provider, we brainstorm with our clients, work closely with our suppliers, propose designs and offer customizable corporate gifts to suit our clients

• As a corporate gifts solution vendor, our services cover the entire corporate gifts supply chain management, from responding to inquiries, quotations, brainstorming, product design, procurement, customization, quality control, logistics, shipping, final delivery and after-sales service.

About Our Customers

Over the course of our continuous service in this field, we've managed to create quite reputation. This allows us to work with some of the most esteemed businesses and organisations in the country including:

Regional Corporations

Government Ministries

Religious Organisations

Non-Profit Organisations (NGOs)

Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises

Schools & Educational Institutions

Singapore Police Force & Armed Forces

Global MNCs (Multinational Corporations) 

Wide Network of Suppliers

As we seek to continuously improve our products and services, we have a network of suppliers which come from various countries such as China, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, and many more. As a result, we managed to meet the demands of our clientele without having to compromise the quality of the items we produce. When it comes to high-quality corporate gifts in Singapore, I Love Gifts LLP is the name to trust. With us, you have the power to customise and design your giveaways based off on the specifications you want. Our team is more than willing to assist in every step of the way to ensure you're getting the best set of items.

Feel free to get in touch with our team via email: or through our phone: +65-9626-2373. Start placing your orders and get unique corporate gifts that truly exhibit your business brand.

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what ilovegifts stands for provides a quick and effective solution in corporate and promotional gift supply chain management which includes product design and development, procurement, production management, quality control and logistic.