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Our esteemed customers range from the Multi-Nationals (MNCs) including Shell Chemical, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore; to regional companies eg. Apex Marketing, Mapei Far East, to local Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) eg. Proser Pte Ltd, and to various Government Ministries and Statutory Boards eg.  Ministry of Home affairs, Ministry of Education and National Library Board.

We welcome all companies and organizations to work with us to meet your needs.



Anyone can be our customer. It can be you.

You are part of an organizing committee for final year graduation convocation and you want a meaningful gift that will leave behind the fondest memories for all fresh graduates. can offer teddy bears with the name of the university embroidered onto the graduation gown.


You are tasked to source for a suitable gift for Nurses’ Day. Even though the hospital has more than 5,000 staff, we can offer gift ideas such as specially engraved wooden thumbdrive, tumbler with mini carabiner, portable universal adapter etc for everyone.


Your company is having a roadshow or seminar presentation where you expect a turnout crowd in the coming week. We have suitable door gifts to promote your latest policy or product to the potential customers.

As part of the marketing plan to create awareness of your company branding or if your company is launching a new marketing program, can provide a total gift solution package for you. For instance, if you are launching a new sales kit in the steel industry, we would recommend a sturdy stainless steel multi tool that truly reflects the corporate image and relay corporate message across to your customers. Together with a copy of the new manual and a metal tag with corporate name engraved, the gift is packed inside a metal casing.




We stand behind promotional products, and so do the facts! Promotional products have been proven to be more cost effective than other advertising mediums, making them a great business investment. Compared to print, TV and other advertising methods, custom promotional items cost less per recipient, build and strengthen brand relationships and lead to repeat exposure of your marketing message.

In United States, Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) has conducted surveys of corporate gift givers and recipients. They have shown that vendors who gave were TWICE as likely to increase their chances of being contacted by recipients as those that did not have a gift program. 



Here are some of the imprint methods that we recommend to give your promotional gifts the mark of quality.

LASER ENGRAVING. This process creates sharp, crystal-clear logos that are unable to be peeled off. Without ink or tool bits, this process is simple, clean, and easy. Logos are programmed into the laser software and then executed onto your items. If available, you can also opt for oxidation, which adds a little more color to your logo and makes it a touch more distinctive.

DEBOSSING/EMBOSSING. Debossing and embossing give your logo a 3-dimensional element. For both processes, dies are constructed from metal in the shape of your logo. The product is then placed between them and heat and pressure push and form the material into the impression you want. Embossing rises from the product, while debossing pushes into the product. For an additional cost, you can also add color to the logo. 

EMBROIDERY. Texturize your logo by choosing embroidery. Any cloth product, and especially corporate apparel, looks great with the vibrant stitching. In the embroidery process, your logo is changed to a digital image and then assigned color threads. Your garments or blankets are placed in the embroidery machine, the needles go to work, and then excess threads are cut off.

DIGITAL PRINTING. When you want to print your logo in a whole bunch of colors, screen printing is not going to cut it. That’s when you have to take a step up and move to digital, or full color, printing. This process makes use of physical printers instead of screens and generally allows you to print over the entire surface.

HEAT TRANSFER. If you ever used an iron to press a decal onto a shirt, then you know the basis of a heat transfer. Printers use intense heat to press the ink into the material, making sure that your logo is not going anywhere. Heat transfer is sometimes the only option if you want to create a logo with more than one color.

SCREEN PRINTING. This process makes use of spot colors (premixed inks with a standard recipe) and a screen to transfer your logo onto your selected item. A screen made of nylon or polyester is covered by the inverse of your image, so ink can only be printed as your logo. The ink is then spread across the screen and transferred to the surface. Screen printing is generally the most inexpensive option.